to love being a teacher

Sempre he volgut ser professora d’anglès, i ara que he llegit açò, m’he sentit molt identificada, i és que ser professor/a és una gran tasca!

50 reasons to love your job as a teacher:

  1. Sharing my experiences
  2. Helping inexperienced teachers solve problems
  3. The ability to help children achieve their best
  4. Inspiring them not only academically but personally
  5. Getting up on my stage and performing for them, too
  6. The thrill of a good and well thought out lesson is incomparable
  7. The kids’ energies; their inquisitiveness makes me want to go and teach them, and push them harder
  8. I love the instant feedback I get from my students about my own performance, even when they don’t realize they’re doing it
  9. Being able to interact with kids who are mostly good and do try to do what’s expected of them
  10. Sharing my enthusiasm for my subject matter  you should hear me talk to them about why I love Mesopotamia, even more than the ever popular Egypt!
  11. I also enjoy seeing their growth over the nine months I have them; they come into middle school as scared elementary students and leave at the end of the year, as (mostly) prepared 7th grader
  12. I love learning and I love the interaction between professor and students
  13. My coworkers are great
  14. I enjoy all of the funny stories that my job provides, my job is never ever boring
  15. When I am finally able to actually teach, I feel very rewarded when that little light bulb goes off
  16. Teaching grad school, my students are amazingly dedicated teachers, I have the opportunity to travel across the United States helping teachers and schools work at the grassroots level to improve students lives
  17. Working with the students; each week, I am invited to do demonstration lessons in K-12 classrooms — I love the range, I love the challenge, and I really love the kids
  18. I feel smarter every day that I come home from my job; it almost makes me feel guilty that I get paid for this!
  19. Facilitating games
  20. Being able to explore diverse issues and situations
  21. The challenge of teaching a second language in the 21st century
  22. I love getting to know the kids and I especially love having siblings come up and watching the family grow; it is a real privilege to be part of people’s lives like that
  23. The rare occasion they come back for a visit, it is a joyful reunion
  24. The freedom of the job; I used to be in a cube job where I had to punch a timeclock all the time
  25. I have control over my job — I decide what and when I teach, I decide if I am going to stay late, I can take my work home if needed (Though I don’t do that as often as I used to)
  26. My bosses listen
  27. I like working with teenagers, plus, I learn self assertiveness from teenagers.
  28. I get to work with books, which I love
  29. I honestly and truly believe that teaching is what I was born to do; maybe God really does plan our lives and if we follow that plan we will be very happy with our lives
  30. I seem to be good at it
  31. I get to explore stories and try new ideas and encourage others to do the same
  32. I love messing with their heads
  33. I love how wee the freshmen are and watching them grow into young ladies and gentlemen (in theory)
  34. I love the power of controlling lives – well, at least for an hour or so a day!
  35. I love listening to their ideas and seeing the way their minds work
  36. I love the push to keep learning, to keep discovering new questions and to help students discover their own questions
  37. I love kids and I love math; how many jobs can combine them? I guess the guy at the carnival who counts the kids getting on the rides, but he has to clean puke, so that’s out of the question
  38. Honestly, I can, in the space of 55 minutes, (on a good day) get booed for telling a bad joke, discuss planetary motion or the etymology of radish, clearly explain how a new-for-them algebra technique flows from their previous knowledge, give a challenging extension problem and get some enthusiasm going for it (for math!), help kids who just don’t get it to actually get it, and still find time for a quick game; I feel like a game show host who doesn’t have to fake it
  39. I enjoy sharing my love of learning and my passion for certain topics
  40. It goes beyond just teaching the material, it’s about making a personal connection with the students
  41. I love sharing the excitement of a good book — when I introduce it and start talking about it with excitement, the students can’t wait for me to start reading; when it’s time to stop reading and begin our next lesson, they beg me to read “just a little more”
  42. I also like seeing many of the cross-curricular connections students make
  43. Watching the students grow year after year
  44. Recruiting kids into my program
  45. Being creative with the music
  46. Transforming students from knowing nothing about how to play an instrument to being able to perform complicated (for them) music by the end of the year
  47. Demonstrating the value of long-range planning to achieve crazy cool results
  48. Guiding students to success, both individually and through group work, and marketing those successes
  49. It’s something like a mix of game show host, stand up comedian, dad, vaudeville juggler, and sports play-by-play commentator
  50. It has helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking; I’ve had students tell me that I should be an actor, preacher, and English teacher (I correct grammar frequently)
The ones in bold are the ones I most agree with.