Tips and tricks for the speaking exam

Students get easily stressed with the speaking part of the exam. However, providing them several techniques and useful sentences to structure their oral production will increase their confidence.

For this reason, I would like to share the following links: Firslty, one where you will find a useful video with an example of a description of a photo; some does and don’ts about this exercise and useful language.

Secondly, another link with tips to discuss and give your opinion. And last, but not least, more tips and useful language to face the “information gap-activity”, in which two partners talk and exchange information.

All in all, a great website to check when we are about to teach this part of the exam.


Teaching relative clauses

Recently I have searched for materials to teach and practice the relative clauses.

Here you are several links with useful worksheets and grammar explanation worksheets:

Once you visit them you will find more links to more worksheets about relative clauses.

I love this website! 🙂

The first impression is the most important.

Once I heard that the first impression is the most important mainly for two (decisive) reasons: Firstly, because then it is difficult to change it. Secondly, hardly ever it is forgotten…

For these reasons I always try to prepare my first class carefully and… to be honest, nerviously.

I just read an article about “How to breakthe Ice: 5 creative ways to get your class talking”, and I liked it!

You can check the link here:

A great idea for an oral or writing exercise

My students do several oral presentations in English throughout the year, and I think it’s a great idea. They get used to speak in public, prepare presentations and defend or explain their projects.

In the great (I wish I had discovered it before!) webiste named Busy Teachers, I found this document ( which has inspired me. This idea could be used either for a writing activity as well as for an oral presentation.